Saturday, January 21, 2012

VIPs for the night:::::::

There's hookups and then there's hooooookups. Logan's very generous boss gave us 4 front row tickets to the Jazz vs Mavericks game this last week. Logan has been so sick all week, but found the energy to take me and the Johnsons out for this amazing experience. It was one of those games that has energy through til the end. I hate when one team is completely annihilating the other. Gee, at half time when the score is 2342038423948 to 0, the suspense on the game's outcome is shot. ((inserting random thought....)) I HATED in high school sports when a team would be killing another team and the coach kept the starters in.....anyway, the Club 100 attends an amazing dinner before the game in the arena. Sharon and I enjoyed the steamed mussels and wide array of delicious desserts. Kerry enjoyed 6 hearty helpings and Logan enjoyed.....soup. Because that's all he could really eat with his throat hurting. :(

I've ever been a huge sports guru. My dad made us do yardwork and read. He thought sports were a waste of time if you weren't getting straight A's. We spend our Sundays making cookies....not watching football. Thus, if I am ever in a trivia competition and the sports category comes up -- I am DOOMED. I mean, until a few years ago, I thought Michael Jordan was just the actor who played in Space Jam. I know NOTHING about sports. So, sitting in one of the most coveted seats in the stadium was a little overwhelming. I felt unworthy. Almost like a poser. But then I reminded myself that one thing I am an expert on is having a good time and therefore any situation that allows that, I am in whole heartedly.

HOWEVER ---- I made one great leap forward in my attempt to be connected with the sports world. I picked my favorite jazz player....RAJA BELL. I now know he was born in the Virgin Islands, is 6'5" and his wife had a C-section while delivering their first child. I like that he is known for 3-pointers because those are my favorite moments in basketball.

All in all, it was great. Great  food, great game, great company. Go Jazz!