Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Operation Southern Bell

In our new home in Atlanta --- I have made many efforts at improving  my domesticity (something I lack). It began with decorating the apartment with Craigslist finds and travel treasures and finding the brightest green paint we could stand to look at.
It has ended with my first and to date only completed Pinterest "craft" project.
 I will admit I jumped on the Chevron sue curtains are adorable.
(This will be up until March 17)
 I love our crown molding, tilted shelf, broken couch, tapestry I bought in Jerusalem, and llama pillow. My second favorite space in the casita.

(yes I take an excessive amount of Chipotle napkins every time I am there..
...McDonald's owns them, so no guilt here)

Does this kitchen scream "wear an apron or you won't go with the theme" or what?!

I have never been a fan of people posting pictures of their bedrooms. I always thought it was why do I care where you sleep or where you make your babies? But I want to brag about the dressers Logan bought us. I love them!!! And this was also taken before a pen leaked all over this duvet cover.....=( I still get a little upset when its brought up because I love our duvet cover. Anyway, love it with me....because it does not look like this any more.
This is our first favorite space in the casita (if I had a pic of the closet you would understand).

 Step into my office.
Pinterest project. The bottom right is the finished result. This was no task for the weak. It took a lot of patience and the first layer of skin from my fingertips.

This was my inspiration. How did I do? I still don't understand the plates on the wall thing...It reminds me of an antique store, so I opted for a big mirror and a tapestry instead. Plus, being LDS, there are so many givens that you have to have on your wall (Proclamation to the fam, pic of a temple, pic of the savior.....) Because of this, decor is limited in small spaces.
Anyway, this is our casita. We love it here. Please come visit so you can experience the green wall and find all the mistakes on my curtains. ;)

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