Thursday, February 28, 2013

Round #8 @ the Georgia Dome

AMA Supercross 2013! Round 8 of 17 took place at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta this past weekend. Logan and I took MARTA (see below) to/from the event and had a fantastic time. MARTA is a few blocks from our casita here in Atlanta and this has proven to be very convenient - for airport trips especially.
It was a clean victory for Stewart. The Floridian took the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot, and went on to lead all 20 laps. Villipoto began the race and second, and would eventually chase down Stewart, but arrive at the finish line 1.468 seconds later.
We were not thrilled that Stewart won (he's just not our favorite) but he is really fun to watch race. Logan can be seen below advertising for his friend Darren's business:
The whole dome was freezing cold (even though it is covered) because they refused to close the doors at all entrances. I was wearig three layers under my fleece, and gloves, and a beanie, and boots....and was so uncomfortable the entire time. Because of this, I still give a blank stare when people refer to this town as "hotlanta." The only thing "HOT" about this town is the guy that lives here with me!! ;)
Happy Valentine's Day Logan!

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