Tuesday, March 26, 2013

S - P - R - I - N - G

I LOVE Atlanta right now! The air is crisp and everything is blossoming all around us! We moved out furniture around so that our couch faces the window -- specifically done to see the trees. This is what is in our front yard:

I feel slightly guilty because my mom has always wanted a tulip tree (one of her dreams) and we just happen to have one here.

Logan and I have both been very very VERY busy with work and getting some things together for projects we have coming up this year. It has been very stressful at the casa with so many things on the horizon. Logan came home with these GORGEOUS flowers the other day and wouldn't you know, all the stress seemed to fly out the window! I have them next to me while I work because they smell so good! Thank you Lord for putting flowers on the earth! It would be miserable without them! (Especially because I am not an animal person...)


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